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Emily M Randolph Joins ADC Fine Art

Emily is featured in the 2019 resource guide for ADC Fine Art, Blink 2019.

Circle Foundation for the Arts Features Randolph’s ‘Winter Solstice’ in Spotlight Magazine

Circle Arts Foundation‘s Spotlight Magazine, based in Lyon, France, “presents a unique selection of 103 remarkable fine artists that should be collected. We examine works in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, illustration, drawing and installation that are curated together to tell the story of what art looks like today. Each unique page is an introduction to the artist’s practice and their ideas on art-making and the magazine functions as a who-is-who in fine art today. Enjoy leafing through this magazine, visit each artist’s website to see more about their art and inquire with us or them directly to acquire a piece, hire the artist, or collaborate with them.”

Emily M Randolph’s work is featured in Edition 13, page 105, viewed here:

Spotlight Magazine

Emily M Randolph Artwork Selected for

2019 Governor's 'Philanthropy of Arts' Award

38th Governor's Arts Awards

Arizona Citizens for the Arts

Phoenix, AZ


Arizona Citizens for the Arts

City Sun Times

2019 Governor's Arts Awards of Philanthropy Recipients Susan & Bill Ahearn on either side of Emily Randolph & her artwork award 'Sapphire Agave'


‘Art & Life with Emily M Randolph’

Highlights Emily M Randolph, Scottsdale, Arizona

Click below photo for story

Monterey Weekly Now: Bennett Sculpture Carmel

Artist Chooses Dibond For Cascading Mixed Media Wall Art In California

Emily Randolph Cascade Wall Installation

“I used my own original photography to capture a sample of ginkgo leaves. Though ginkgo leaves are instantly recognizable, they actually are all unique in shape, so I had a challenge to pick my favorite ones. I chose to use Dibond for this installation, and continue to use it for many of my artworks, because to me it’s actually a very sexy material! This may seem like an odd description for hard metal, but combined with my fabricator Artisan Colour’s superior UV-cured inks, the effect is velvety smooth. I love it, especially as a contrast with my glossy resin techniques.”

For the entire article, please click here at Graphic Display USA.

Artist Further Transforms Her Abstract Pieces With Unique Mixture Of Dibond, Acrylic And Wood

by 3A Graphics Display

Please read article here: 3AGraphicsDisplay

MODERN LUXURY INTERIORS SCOTTSDALE: Emily M. Randolph and Dan Merchant at Celebration of Fine Art Opening Gala 2018

NEW: Fountain Art by Emily M. Randolph

Bennett Sculpture Carmel Represents Mixed-Media Artist Emily M. Randolph

AZ Artist Wows Again

You may read the blog from 3aComposites here:

Scottsdale Artist Emily M. Randolph's Incredible Multi-Layered Art Pieces

In addition, please read Graphic Display's USA blog about Emily here.

Emily M. Randolph at the Celebration of Fine Art

In addition, please read the Celebration of Fine Art's blog about Emily's work here:

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