Introducing Dragon Glass®️, resin jewelry creations by Emily M Randolph, custom made for you directly from her Dragonwood Studio. The metal leaf inside each piece represents the energy of the universe. Creations include:

Celestial Dancers

Spheres representing the universe and all its energetic matter. Comes in transparent with metal leaf or in colors using the artistic method of reverse painting. Resin naturally produces air bubbles, a feature of the pieces. Sphere measures approximately 2.2“ in diameter, plus sterling silver (925 stamped) bail. See sample of colors below.

Plus, more custom designs, available upon request:

Follow Your Heart

Double puffed, see-thru heart: Two hearts placed together, beating as one. Sterling silver (925 stamped) bail. Resin naturally produces air bubbles, a feature of each piece. Heart measures 1.25” high, plus bail.

Contact Emily at for pricing and availability.

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