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By Emily M. Randolph, October 31, 2016

Partnerships can take time to build, especially for artists. But, I have been very lucky to have a wonderful, world-class resource right in my hometown of Scottsdale: Artisan Colour. I am constantly impressed by every facet of their service and innovation in their materials. I find I grow every time I learn something new about them.

In the true spirit of partnership, Artisan's Mike Goldner, was kind enough to write an article about our latest event together, held on October 20, 2016, and which they kindly hosted, providing a fantastic tour of their facility. I'm sharing it with you:

This Event has been in the Works for Months

Some very lucky professionals who sent their RSVP in time, were treated to an amazing evening of art and technology. They were also the first to see the Brand New Look of ARTISAN | Modern Colour + Print. We Co-planned this Event, Interior Design: Best Kept Secret, with one of Scottsdale’s up-and-coming fine art producers, Emily M. Randolph. It allowed us to share her work, and our facility, with many members of the greater Phoenix Art & Design community. As luck would have it, Emily was commissioned for a large Graphics Project for a local Retirement Community. We had over 50 of her amazing images in production, not to mention the custom hand-finished pieces she allowed us to exhibit on her behalf.

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Emily M. Randolph at Artisan Colour