What are your influences? This is not an easy question for me or for many artists, for that matter. Being highly visual, artists are influenced every day by what they see. For me, it’s been a lifetime of influences from English antiques and gardens to contemporary design. A sprinkle here and there appears in many ways within my artwork.

Without a doubt, though, I enjoy one period of art, and that is Impressionism. We can all appreciate it’s easy on the eye. It’s graceful. It’s uplifting. It’s colorful and warm. It’s all about light – which is complementary to the art of photography.

So, with ‘Sunshowers Over Giverny,’ I have made a concentrated nod to this great art style, and in particular to Mr. Claude Monet himself. I love the rings of color that represent his lily pads of Giverny, and I have tried to form them in my own style. I have tried to infuse light both through my photography, as well as through my hand-finishing elements.

To create ‘Sunshowers Over Giverny’ I first captured an abstract photographic image from a piece of old glass. The glass was crackled, which I left in the image, and I have played on the effect to suggest rain. Next, I printed the image on stretched canvas, 30” x 40”, and hand-finished it with mica, metal leaf, quartz and multi-colored stained glass, sealed with high-gloss resin for a textured and glass-like effect. Again, I wanted to recreate the colorful rings of Monet’s lily pads, and I used the glass to give it this effect. The crackles are also lightly accented with micro mica for an extra shimmer and seen only under spotlight. It is my ode to Monet.

-Emily M. Randolph, Mixed-Media Artist

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