Not a day goes by that we aren't pushed to perfection, setting goals, and then feeling guilty or ashamed for not achieving them. But, who started this impossible quest? For impossible, it is. Thank goodness, I have friends and family that reminded me of this recently.

A great deal of my work is printed on acrylic or DiBond metal. Their appearance is perfect in their glossiness or luster. I love them! But, when I  hand-finish my mixed-media pieces, they are exactly that - hand-finished. They are not machine perfect and nor should I ever hope that they look that way, finger-wagged my friends over coffee last week. We are humans and imperfect!

In case that wasn't enough of a thump on the head, my mother, quite by chance, showed me a quote that she had read and loved, "Imperfect things are the most beautiful of things of all," attributed to Heather Havrilesky in a compilation of her advice column about embracing mess. Well, if Ms. Havrilesky could see my studio right now, with resin glued to my shoes and gold leaf on my brow, she'd applaud me and give me a medal.

So, whatever you are doing now, stop being perfect. Art is not perfect, our jobs aren't perfect, nor are our homes, friends or family. Not even my wonderful dogs are perfect; the visual proof is on my carpet. But, who said perfection is beautiful? Not me, no more. I'm striving for imperfection as the most beautiful thing of all.

-Emily M. Randolph, Mixed Media Artist

  • Thank you, Gail! Something fun for both of us to look forward to! Have a happy weekend.

  • Gail Gilbertie

    on July 22, 2016

    Great job-- when we build our new home I am going to be looking for exactly the imperfect artwork to display

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