Laguna Sandbar

Abstract seascape by Emily M. Randolph Fine Art

If life is like a box of chocolates, art is like soufflé.

I have a brain that's speeds like it’s on the Autobahn, so it's frustrating when I conjure an image in my mind and can't quite whip it up and produce it in my artwork. But, that's the way it is. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes there is an abundance of trial and error. A lot like making soufflé. You can't overfold it; you have to have the right ingredients at the right temperatures; you even need the right humidity. Add a dash of Zen. Cross your fingers. Sometimes, it seems, even the stars have to align.

When the metaphorical soufflé falls flat in my art studio, I remind myself to step back. I put my whisk down and the ingredients back in the fridge and wait for a better day and a better idea.

If patience is a virtue, I am not one of the virtuous. But, I am trying. Certainly, I am learning to be a little more patient with myself and my creative process. I'm developing a taste for patience. It's part of the process of creating art, and I embrace it as an integral tool. Giving myself time, means giving myself time to reflect and to allow my subconscious to work on problems while I go on with other tasks. More often than not, after letting my conscious mind rest, I develop a new recipe to make a piece of artwork better than I first envisioned.

Then, voilà, the soufflé rises.

- Emily M. Randolph, Mixed Media Artist

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