Biography - emily m. randolph fine art

joy in layers

Artist Statement

My mixed media expresses the triumph of conquering challenges and living life boldly, colorfully and joyfully. I strive to create joy every day both in my life - and in my art by intentionally using materials, forms and color to acknowledge life's layers, to inspire and to celebrate. Water is my inspiration: seas, oceans, ponds and even dew on flowers. Water for me signifies that which is greater than we. Like us, our seas and oceans are fragile, always trying to balance and to overcome adversity. And in doing so, they provide us with so much, including their intense beauty.


Emily M. Randolph's contemporary mixed media expresses joy over adversity, a state-of-mind she believes we must purposefully choose. Her experience tells her that this not always easy; life is layered. So, her art intentionally incorporates her love of color, form and texture to emphasize these layers. As a result, her artwork takes 2D imagery to a new 3D realm to conjure joyous and dynamic creations.

Emily's mixed-media uses a unique combination of artistic processes: resin, her technique of 'Resin Splash,'  and printed photography with varying elements of natural materials, metal leaf, mica, stones and glass. She also creates outdoor wall sculptures, as well as unique and highly collectible 3D sculptures by which she mixes layers of printed photography on aluminum and acrylic.

She seeks innovative mediums to express her art, as well as tactile and sensual materials, a fascination for which was passed on from her mother and grandmother, collectors of art and antiques. Besides her creative family, her greatest influences have been the places she has experienced: the bright blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Mediterranean; the lavish floral displays of the English gardens and markets; and the dynamic and sculptural landscape of the Southwest.

Though a lover of both old and new, her contemporary, abstract seascapes, in particular, bring a fresh originality to produce artwork that, on the whole, is not captured near water. Water has always been a strong attraction for her, and maybe because she lives in the desert and is also a Pisces, she ‘sees’ seascapes where others may not. Well aware of the irony, she created a ‘beach house in the desert' and continues to look for water in unusual materials to create her soft abstract pieces.

Emily’s abstract botanicals are also a subject close to her heart. London’s flower stalls, cascading in bountiful blooms in every color, were her constant joy when she lived there for many years and which was the birthplace of her father. Her home was always filled with flowers by the armfuls to chase away the rain and clouds overhead.

Emily recalls fondly that the inception of her artistic pursuits was a humble ceramic owl ashtray she created in kindergarten and which won a ribbon at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT. She followed a career in graphic design and publishing and is an award-winning author, publisher and graphic designer for a children's photo-illustrated book series commissioned by the world-renown Phoenician Resort. When she took the leap to parlay her creativity to mixed media, she finally found her perfect medium. Today, her artwork is sought after by collectors, art consultants and institutions. In 2016, she had a 150+-piece, permanent art collection installed in a residential complex.

Emily is a juried artist of the Celebration of Fine Art (January 13-March 25, 2018) and is represented by the Gallery of Modern Masters in Sedona, AZ. and the Bennett Sculpture Gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. Her work has recently been featured in magazines, such as: So Scottsdale, Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale, IMAGES AZ, and Private Air Luxury Homes.

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Emily has lived in NYC, London, Hamburg and Frankfurt and is now settled near family in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and their three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Emily is a member of the Sonoran Arts League and has an advanced degree in photography and a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College, NY.