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Artist Statement

My mixed-media artwork celebrates water - the very essence of our beings - to refresh the senses and to rediscover the joy water plays in our life: from splashing water to the beauty of dewdrops resting on a flower’s petals. While I create, I draw upon the feelings I had when I swam in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef many years ago. That feeling of awe of color and nature has never left me, and I strive to bring that experience alive in every one of my artworks, regardless of subject.

With each of my creations, I strive to evoke a strength and quiet simplicity through a process of experimental innovation - both in photographic uses, as in my layered photographic sculptures, and unusual combinations and applications of materials, such as my Resin Splashes®. Furthermore, I enjoy using light and color play to delight the viewer in unexpected ways.

I am honored that many of my collectors pair my work with their own Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures; I’ve been a great fan since I saw his exhibition in Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden. My patrons comment that there is a vibrance and shades of color in my artwork that complement Chihuly’s. I suspect, too, it’s our mutual, deep drive for innovation to create something no one has ever seen before that subliminally resonates with the viewer.

Artist Biography

Before following her passion for art, Emily had a career in graphic design, luxury marketing consulting and copywriting, as well as publishing. She is an award-winning author, publisher and graphic designer for a children's ongoing book series commissioned by the world-renown resort, The Phoenician. When she took the leap to parlay her creativity to mixed media, she finally found her perfect medium.

Today, she is known for her innovations in resin and photographic applications, and her artwork is sought after by collectors, art consultants, and commercial and residential institutions. Recently, she was an award winner at the ADC Art Comes Alive! 2019 international exhibit and awards. She has been featured in magazines, such as: So Scottsdale, Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale, IMAGES AZ, and Private Air Luxury Homes.

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Emily has lived in NYC, London, Hamburg and Frankfurt and has now settled near family in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and their three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She is a member of ArtLink Phoenix and has an advanced degree in photography, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College, NY.


Born: Greenwich, CT; 1967

Emily M. Randolph turned professional as an artist in 2015 after many years working in luxury marketing as a consultant and copywriter; in magazine graphic design; and as a creator, writer and publisher of the Phoenician resort’s award-winning Phoe-Phoe children’s book series. When a retirement community purchased over 200 pieces of both her photography and mixed media for its residential hallways and restaurants, her professional art career officially began. Following on the heels of this, she became part of Scottsdale’s premier juried art show, Celebration of Fine Art for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Emily just completed her first solo show for the Bennett Sculpture Carmel in May 2019.

Current Representation

- Bennett Sculpture Carmel, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

- Grace Renee Gallery, Carefree, AZ

- ADC/Blink Art, Cincinnati, OH


-First water feature created with printed photography, glass and resin

- First outdoor wall sculptures created with printed photography, glass and resin

- First layered photographic wall sculptures


- Innovative: photography applications & Resin Splashes® & drips

- Proficient in Photoshop Elements & design application Pixelmator

- Digital SLR camera trained

Recent Juried Exhibitions


- 'Collected Treasures' Exhibition, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ

- Art Comes Alive!, ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH

- ADC Fine Art, Blink! Show, Cincinnati, OH

- NYA Gallery ‘Texture’ show, New York, NY


- Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

- Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale

- AZ Unexpected Gallery Group Show, Scottsdale, AZ

- Gallery 104 Group Show, New York NY


- Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ

Solo & Group Exhibits


-Art Comes Alive!, ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH, October -December 2019

- Blink! Show, ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH, Jun 2019

- Solo Show: Bennett Sculpture Carmel, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, May 2019

- #The100DayProject: ‘Echoes’ Installation, Bennett Sculpture Carmel, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, July 2019


- #The100DayProject: ‘Cascade’ Installation, Bennett Sculpture Carmel, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA


- Westminster Village, Scottsdale, AZ

- Dignity Health, Phoenix, AZ

- Private international collections

Recent Select Publications About the Artist

- Spotlight Magazine, Edition 13, p.105; April 2019

- VOYAGEPHOENIX Magazine: Art & Life with Emily M Randolph; July 31, 2018

- Monterey Weekly Now: ‘Cascade’ by Emily Randolph; July 31, 2018

- Graphic Display USA: Artist Chooses Dibond For Cascading Mixed Media Wall Art In California; June 2018:

- Graphic Display USA: Artist Further Transforms Her Abstract Pieces With Unique Mixture Of Dibond, Acrylic And Wood; June 2108:

- So Scottsdale: Beyond Photography: Emily M. Randolph creates jewels for your walls; May 2017, p. 82:

- Private Air Luxury Homes: Variety is the Art of Life; December 2016, p. 75

- Images Magazine: Small is beautiful; September 17, 2016


- Award Winner & Finalist, 2019 'Art Comes Alive!' (ADC Art Design Consultants) exhibit, Cincinnati, OH, October 2019

- Finalist, Circle Foundation For the Arts Spectrum Miami Exhibition, August 2019

- Featured artist in Edition 13 of Spotlight Magazine of Circle Foundation for the Arts, April 2019

- Arizona Citizens for the Arts juried wall sculpture “Sapphire Agave" as one of the unique artwork awards to be presented to a recipient of an Arizona Governor's Arts Award at the GAA Dinner event on March 7, 2019

- Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale, Celebration of Fine Art 2018 Opening Gala, January 2018: Photo and caption

- Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale: Calendar of Events Fall/Winter 2016: Artwork image and caption, p. 82.

Recent Videos About the Artist

- Graphic Display USA: Scottsdale Artist Emily M. Randolph's Incredible Multi-Layered Art Pieces

- Celebration of Fine Art: The Layered Path to Mixed Media Art

Membership Organizations

- ArtLink Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ; 2018

Recent Career Experience

- Owner of Happy Lady Productions, LLC; 2015-

• Graphic Designer

Author & Publisher

• Copywriter

- Marketing Consultant & Copywriter; 2013-2015

LaBov & Beyond

Harrison Group

Professional Development

- Photo Encaustic  with Claire O'Neil

- Kathy Beekman, Art coaching

- Abundant Artist, Art coaching

- David Kessler, Abstract expressionism


Advanced Photography Degree, Shaw Academy, 2015

B.A. Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, 1989

What My Clients Are Saying

"Your art in incredible! It gives me a tickle in my stomach and makes me so happy!...You make the art buying process so easy."

- Grant Marasco, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have never seen anything like your work. It's dazzling and completely unique. I love every piece!"

- James, Patron at the Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ

"I love our new ICE agave for our table's new centerpiece. It's the perfect size and so versatile; it can be used in many ways and in many places, hung inside or out. I love to watch it change in the light from morning to evening. It's a showstopper!"

- J. Starr, Scottsdale, AZ

"Honestly, everyone that walks into our home is drawn to 'Jet Stream.' They just stare and are mesmerized by it. Love it! Most art people either like a piece or they don't or they don't even notice it, but 'Jet Stream' just grabs people's attention. You are a Rock Star!"

- Michael Vest, Fire On Glass

"I had a chance to open up your package this morning, and as I had expected, your work is absolutely gorgeous. We are excited to begin the hanging process.The sculpture pieces are showstoppers!"

- The Colbert Family, New York

"Your work is incredible and makes the hallways look amazing. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making Westminster Village a great place to live or work."

- Tom Winkelman, COO Westminster Village, Scottsdale, AZ

"OMG it's so beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express how much it means to me to now be the proud owner of Playa Dorada (my favorite). This is a goal I would have thought unattainable in this lifetime.

– Gail, Florida

"I can't tell you how wonderful it is that we will be able to continue to enjoy the beautiful art work created by you. I was delighted to learn that this was not just a temporary exhibit [at our senior living residence], but one that will remain! For that you all deserve kudos from us all. The reception last night was delightful and a fitting introduction to your work. Thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful creations. They are hung most attractively and command attention whenever we enter the hallway."

- Marilyn, Scottsdale, Arizona

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