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My Artistic Process

“While I create, I draw upon the feelings I had when I swam in the Great Barrier Reef many years ago. That feeling of awe of color and nature has never left me, and I strive to bring that experience alive in every one of my artworks, regardless of subject.”

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 Please feel free to contact me for commissions or for one of my pieces in the below galleries. And please allow me to keep in touch my subscribing to my 'Splash' Art News:


When the dew forms on flowers, the colors pop and shine. This collection of botanicals is dramatic with black backdrops and glass ‘dewdrops’ and makes me feel like I can reach out and touch the water forming on their petals.
Materials: both wood and aluminum panels with glass and resin.

  • ‘Silken Succulent Dewdrops’ Noir; 10” x 10’ (available in more sizes)

    Glass ‘dewdrops’ give ‘Silken Succulent’ the feeling of a succulent freshly kissed by morning dew or a gentle rain shower. Photography on metallic paper under resin on metallic painted, deep wood panel.

  • Carmel Noir; 20" x 20"

    Be refreshed with this luscious fuchsia blossom with glass 'dewdrops' under resin.

  • ‘Treehouse Succulent Noir’; 24” x 36”

    I found this stunning family of succulents at a recent stay as a guest in a treehouse in Carmel. Yes, a treehouse! The owner had lots of beautiful greens all around her house, but it was this grouping I fell for. Equally beautiful as portrait (as shown here) or landscape, ‘Treehouse Succulent Noir’ is mixed media on a deep wood panel with photography, metallic paint, glass ‘dewdrops’ and glossy resin. The photograph is ‘framed’ by a one-inch of the metallic black painted panel showing through from underneath.

  • ‘Iris Reflections Noir’; 18” x 12”: AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION

    Dew-kissed white iris are naturally beautifully and dramatic. This mixed-media piece is created on black metallic wood panel with metallic photography, resin and dewdrops of titaniaum, gold and emerald reflective glass.

  • Ocean Mist, 36"x 24": AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION

    'Ocean Mist', a flower by the seaside, covered in mist and rain. Refreshed, cool and energized knowing it will soon be basking in the sun. Just as for us, water is vitalizing. Mixed media on aluminum with titanium and champagne reflective glass, and Emily's 'Resin Splash' for a play of gloss against the luster of metal.

  • Morning Dew Diptych; 32" x 20"

    Mixed-media with platinum fire glass, tempered and beaded glass and hand-poured and torched resin over aluminum.

  • Cascade; 20" x 30": SOLD

    Ginkos symbolize endurance and longevity and these real leaves with their fall colors swirl around an old Cyprus trunk, standing the test of time. Mixed-media 'Cascade' is created on pearl metallic, 2" thick wood canvas with metallic photography, Ginko leaves and glossy, water like resin.

  • Agave Noir; 30" x 20”: AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION

    A winter’s night in the desert, a blue glow agave shimmering in the moonlight. Standing strong and elegantly, despite the climate. ‘Agave Noir’ is mixed media on 2” thick wood canvas with tempered glass, real leaves and high-gloss resin.

  • Succulent Noir; 36" x 36": AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION

    A opalescent succulent shimmers in the moonlight, bright and alive with color. ‘Succulent Noir’ is mixed media on 2” thick wood canvas with tempered glass, real leaves and high-gloss resin.


True statement pieces, I created this collection using all my skills, combining painted panel backdrops with abstract or botanical router-cut photography. All the backdrops utilize a subtle water-inspired feeling.

  • 'Tempest'; 40" x 30"

    Tempest' is a blue glow agave floats 3/4" off a deep wood, metallic painted panel depicting the rain and wind of wild, Southwestern summer monsoon. Mixed-media wall sculpture.

  • Tranquility; 24” Round

    Water and lotus combine to bring a sense of tranquility. “Tranquility” is comprised of a lotus on aluminum floating 1/2” above a seascape on a wood panel.

  • Emergence; 36" x 36"

    A Queen Victoria aluminum sculpture floats 3/4” over a water-like backdrop elegant metallics in hues of pewter, black and white over a birch panel.

  • ‘Ascension’; 48” x 18”

    Rise above, no matter what. This was the inspiration for this colorful abstract wall sculpture. The background is a textured, deep wood panel with a turquoise metallic color wash. The foreground circle floats over and is made with metallic paper, uv cured ink under acrylic glass.

  • Elation; 36” x 36”

    An agave aluminum sculpture floats 3/4” over a water-like backdrop of elegant metallic paints in hues of pewter, black and white over a birch panel.

  • ‘Patience & Persistence’ Diptych; 18” x 24” each

    Ginkgoes come from the most ancient of trees and are therefore revered for their longevity and endurance. ‘Patience & Persistence’ are companion panels of aluminum sculptures floating over deep wood panels of mixed media and metallics. They are part of Emily's 'Cascade Collection.'

  • ‘Autumn Night Cascade’; 24” x 60”

    Part of Emily’s ‘Cascade Collection’, ‘Autumn Night’ is a mixed-media wall sculpture with aluminum ginkgoes floating over a textured wood panel.


I love splashing in the water! My seascapes bring the true dynamic feeling of playing on the beach. You can practically feel the water.

Materials: Textured with glass pieces and splashes of reflective resin - looks just like wet water - on the slim dibond aluminum, floating panel.

  • Coastal Splash; 24" diameter. AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION

    Feel the cool waters splashing over you as you are immersed in color and refreshment. Pure joy. 'Splash Sphere' is a mixed media seascape on aluminum with gold, aqua, sapphire and copper reflective glass with Emily's unique 'Resin Splash' technique. This artistic process enhances the contrast between luminous metals and glossy resin.

  • 'Coral Reef' Triptych; 60" x 30"

    Feel the cool waters splashing over the coral reef, inspired by the Great Barrier Reef. Mixed-media abstract on lustrous Dibond metal contrasted with reflective colored glass and Emily's glossy 'Resin Splash' technique.

  • Perspective; 34" diameter: AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION

    There's nothing like gaining a little perspective. Seeing the world and all its ocean depths reminds us how small our difficulties are and at the same time, inspiring us to triumph over them. 'Perspective' is an abstract mixed-media wall sculpture in the shape of a sphere with aqua, sapphire and ice reflective glass covered in Emily's 'Resin Splash' technique.

  • Beach Vibe; 30” x 20”

    That fabulous feeling when your energy is at its apex and everything is going your way. Pure joy. Pure color. Like a Summer beach vibe. ‘Beach Vibe’ is mixed media on brushed aluminum with Emily’s ‘Resin Splash’ over tempered and reflective glass.

  • Horizon Splash; 34" diameter

    Dusk descends on the ocean's horizon and the energy splashing off the water is hypnotic. It's the time of day that makes you feel anything is possible. All dreams. No limits. 'Horizon Splash' is mixed media on aluminum with aqua blue, gold and titanium reflective glass covered in Emily's 'Resin Splash' technique.

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