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refresh your senses

“While I create, I draw upon the feelings I had when I swam in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef many years ago. That feeling of awe of color and nature has never left me, and I strive to bring that water experience alive in every one of my artworks, regardless of subject."

dive in & get wet

dynamic • soft contemporary • mixed media


Beautiful galleries coast-to-coast represent Emily's work. For a complete listing, view here:

To visit Emily's own Scottsdale gallery, Dragonwood Studio, by appointment only:

Info.EMRart@gmail.com / 203.979.5945


Now you can visit the online Dragonwood Studio Shop:


"My love of water is evident in all of my artwork, and now I have found a new way to express my love of water and bring joy to more people: by contributing to Water.org, I can help them in their efforts to bring safe water and sanitation to people around the world."

For more information on how you and I can contribute together, please read here:

Happy Lady Productions, LLC is DBA Emily M. Randolph Fine Art

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