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Welcome to My Fine Art Studio


Emily M. Randolph is proud to be juried into the 27th Annual Celebration of Fine Art Show, January 14 - March 26, 2017. Experience Scottsdale says, "This event, referred to as 'One of the World’s premier art events' by Arts & Antiques Magazine, brings in artists from across the United States to set up working studios and welcomes art lovers to interact with or simply watch these artists as they create their work over the course of the eight week show. With over 100+ artists, art lovers will see work in all mediums, including sculpture, paintings, jewelry, glass blowing, photography, furniture and more."


Emily M. Randolph Fine Art introduces a one-of-a-kind, Mixed Media collection. Starting with her own unique abstract photography, Emily's work is printed on DiBond aluminum with UV cured ink or on stretched canvas. She then hand-finishes each piece with varying elements of metal leaf, mica, glass, stone and tile, and seals it with a high-gloss resin. The effect is both glass-like effect and textured.

This innovative collection captures those special times when the light hits the ocean just right; a coral reef glimmers; the sun sets at that magic hour; the stars are at their brightest; and morning dew glistens on the petal of a flower.

There is nothing more satisfying to me then capturing a small element and giving it importance - star power, if you will. My new mixed media pieces allow me to combine my love of abstracts, color and shimmer to create exciting works to lift the viewer's spirit.

- Emily M. Randolph, Mixed Media Artist


Emily is proud to be represented by  Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, and a new, ground-breaking, fine art gallery, ArtBoja.


My  fine art expresses my love of abstracts, color and form. The micro-imagery I capture in-camera acts as the canvas upon which I create my art. Through editing and mixed media, I create new worlds and seascapes. In particular, I have always been drawn to water, and the draw is even keener as I live in the desert. Through my art, I create oases of both tranquil and bold colors to lift the spirit. I strive to take minute details and transform them into luxurious, larger-than-life statement pieces.

In my art studio you will find several galleries, including Seascape Abstracts, Nature's Abstracts, The Cosmos - and my one-of-a-kind portfolio of  Mixed Media.

As you wander through my galleries, you will discover that the greatest influences on my work have been the places I have been lucky enough to have experienced: the bright blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Mediterranean; the earth tones of the Southwest; the lush greens of New England; and the lavish floral displays of the English gardens and markets. You may read more about me here, as well as on my blog.

Custom Projects

I am pleased to announce my partnership with arguably one of the most innovative printers in the country, Artisan Colour. Their DiBond metals, in particular, are the most beautiful I have ever used; colors are exquisitely lustrous. If you are with the design or retail trade and you have a certain vision for a piece, we can collaborate to make your dream come true. Furthermore, many of my pieces can be tinted in other colors to match your project's design palette. You may view my Color Schemes gallery for sample ideas. Signed limited editions, complete with certification, are also available.

Please contact me directly for custom and wholesale orders that also include signed, limited editions and many mediums, such as:

- Digital Wall Coverings

- Metals

- Acrylic & Plexiglas

- Giclée Fine Art Prints

- Mixed Media in Aluminum and Acrylic Combinations

I look forward to creating art both with and for you.

- Emily M. Randolph, Mixed Media Artist

203.979.5945 / emrandolph@gmail.com